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Author Topic:   Using the Bible as fact...
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03-30-2002 11:39 PM

I think I'll take a stab at answering the original post.
The Bible is accepted as an historically accurate document by the Smithsonian Institute and others. Parts of it are used in public school textbooks when teaching about Old Testament era peoples or events. I think we can all agree that the bible is HISTORICALLY accurate.
Now, that having been settled, let's move on to a pivotal event in the history of Christianity - the resurrection of Christ from the dead. If this is false, then Christianity itself is false. Jesus's tomb is empty. But people could have stolen the body, right? The Pharisees wouldn't have stolen it, because they wanted to prove him wrong. If they stole the body, they would have then produced it and denounced Jesus. This did not happen. The disciples didn't steal the body because they went on to die often horrible deaths for their faith. Why would they die for something they would know to be a lie? It just doesn't make sense. This all leads to the assumption that the bible is SPIRITUALLY accurate, as well as historically accurate.

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