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Author Topic:   If there is a God .. is there only 1?
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05-05-2003 12:45 PM
Reply to: Message 9 by amsmith986
05-02-2003 2:40 PM

Victor's History
The bible is actually seems to be pretty honest about even it's hero's. Their mistakes, sins, and blunders are recorded, alongside their success. It would be a pretty discouraging thing if the bible didn't show that all mankind was imperfect. If we only read about Elijah as a powerful man of God, not being told that he fled in terror from a human adversary, we would have a flawed view that Elijah was perfect. What about Moses, David, Solomon? The list goes on and on, imperfect men that by the grace of God, were used for God's purpose inspite of their imperfections.
I do not think it fair to say that the bible is a case of the victor's history. Men of God fall, the nation of Israel falls more than a few times. Doesn't sound that victorious to me, yet it is recorded.
Saved by an incredible Grace.

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