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Author Topic:   If god has a plan, then doesn't that make prayer worthless?
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04-07-2005 4:57 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by StormWolfx2x
04-04-2005 1:36 AM

I think this may be one for AdminJar or AdminPhat to consider
I did some tweeking of the format of message 1.
As I see it, it is perfectly proper to bump a "Proposed New Topic", if it had gotten no admin response after a couple of day. Such is the case with yours.
I see no reason not to promote the topic, but I am going to defer action to one of the admins who is more up on the currently/recently active "Faith and Belief" topics. Perhaps it is best as you presented it in another topic, perhaps it deserves to be its own topic.

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 Message 1 by StormWolfx2x, posted 04-04-2005 1:36 AM StormWolfx2x has not replied

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