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Author Topic:   Biblical atrocities... ????
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12-30-2002 9:56 AM
Reply to: Message 28 by Mr. Davies
12-30-2002 9:05 AM

The very first post on this thread gave an erroneous supposition at the onset. It was that the oldest copy of Torah is in Greek. That is no longer true. There were several Hebrew texts found in the caves at Qumran, to include Devarim (Deuteronomy). And there were two of other portions in Hebrew found in Egypt. To base one's opinions on the received text without ever translating it back to its' original tongue, the meanings were something not altogether clear at several points. The laws of war, the laws of captives, the laws of servants all were practices within almost all cultures in those times. But, aren't they still in force today in the Muslim world? Did you know that the Taliban govt was obeying the literal interpretation of the Torah law? Did you know that not one single Taliban, and not one single Afghani was on those planes that hit the WTC? So, why are we destroying them? The ones who were involved (Al Qeda) are being taken prisoner, while those not involved in WTC are being hunted down like animals, without remorse. Is that possibly the reason? This whole conversation had very negative attitude toward the laws of the Torah. It was begun with an uninformed base. The law is perfectly sensible in the context of the 19th-20th centuries BCE.
Maybe the reason for the negativity, is the fact that the church has preached LAWLESSNESS for 16+ centuries. The saying,"We are no longer under law but by grace we are saved." This has lead to the abandonment of the laws which Yahshua of Nazareth lived and died for. He loved the Word of G-d. In fact he taught AS IF HE WERE THE TORAH. So, when I read that some one was judging the laws of Torah, I say to you that you have become a judge. It is not the perfect royal law that is imperfect, it is we who are sold unto sin. Now, tell me does your version of salvation think that once you believe in the Nazarene, you can do anything you want and not consider it to be sin? I think not, therefore you who judge the Laws of G-d, need to come back to reality. There is a time for peace, and a time for war, stop believing in LAWLESSNESS, and idolatry and you will find the truth of those laws, they are spirit, pure spirit look at them in that light and you may see the intent accurately. The Jews said,"We have a law that ought to die ( referring to Yahshua/Jesus), but we have no authority to put him to death." The Torah was not being obeyed by the Jews. You don't see it? Jesus was killed because, of the laws of Rome, and not because of Torah law. They found him guilty, as is everyone before the Torah law, and could not put him to death. The Roman law found him innocent, yet had him killed anyway. Which law had the true Mercy? In His awesome name, we speak...I am Shalom Alechem

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