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Author Topic:   Biblical atrocities... ????
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12-19-2002 9:58 AM
Reply to: Message 2 by funkmasterfreaky
12-19-2002 5:28 AM

Originally posted by funkmasterfreaky:
John just three quick things in passing. (I'm not at all dodging this post just way past my bedtime leaving to see the family tommorow) Here is a quick version of my take on the O.T. I'm sure it's not new but I tend to believe that the O.T intends to show the corruptness of man. This is one of the reasons why the History books show some of mans real lows. Even amongst God's people. Next it shows the faithfulness of the Almighty, even though his people seem to turn from him every second generation, when they choose to call out in humbleness and repent God is faithful to them and brings up people to deliver them. The third thing is when looking at the law especially is the time. It's a different time, (the more things change the more they stay the same eh) try and take into context the people who this law was delivered to. Going to get some rest. Take care John.

I think that to read the OT and not notice, or to attempt to justify the bloodthirsty, cruel, disgusting things that God commands or condones is simply unbelievable.
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