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Author Topic:   Reason + Faith
Mr. Davies
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12-03-2002 10:43 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by jcgirl92
11-30-2002 7:46 AM

I have heard it argued so many times that Christianity goes against reason and logic.
It is not just Christianity, but any dogmatic religion in general. You may feel that Christians are targetted for the lion's share, but some Budhists in China may disagree.
Many Atheist and ExChristian sites have banners on them saying, "Religion stops a thinking mind."
That is unfair. A better and more accurate tag line would be "Blind adherence to Dogma stops a thinking mind". Of course, dogmatic views of any kind, even from an atheist, indicates that they have stoped thinking.
To all of that I ask the questions, "Is Christianity really an unreasonable faith?"
I would argue that Dogmatic, Literal, Fundementalist, etc., Christianity is unreasonable, but no more so than Dogmatic, Literal, Fundementalist, etc., Hinduism/Atheism/Islam.
However, in the concordance, I discovered that the word "mind" was used 85 times in the Bible as a noun.
That is a non-issue to me. The real issues would be the two versions of Genisis, Rabbits chewing their cud, grasshoppers being of the four legged kind, the whole idea that the Bible is literal are real issues for me.

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