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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Religion v Spirituality
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01-24-2008 7:20 PM
Reply to: Message 93 by Granny Magda
01-24-2008 9:00 AM

Re: Still No Useful Definition of Spirituality
GM writes:
I contend that spirituality is a meaningless term when used outside of an explicitly religious or supernatural context. When otherwise employed, spirituality becomes a meaningless buzzword, which tends to be used in pseudo-philosophical new-age waffle.
Granny, I agree
In the Is bicamerality bullshit? thread I argued that Julian Jaynes' "bicamerality" explained religiosity and spirituality. But I was not very successful. Others argued strongly that there was nothing really bicameral about religious belief; instead it was only a manifestation "group think" or "peer pressure." Now I'm wondering if "spirituality" is really anything different from "school spirit" in the high-school sense, with those attendant cheers and songs and dancing around the bon fire for a common purpose.
In other words, is spirituality anything more than peer pressure for the sake of mass manipulation?

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