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Author Topic:   How are we justified?
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02-15-2003 1:40 PM

We are justified by the love and grace of God through the shed blood of the Messiah(Savior). The work He did at the cross because of our sin. And now is risen and at the right of the Father. One sacrifice for sin for all time. To receive Him into our life to be savior and Lord. A clean slate. To be cleansed, to have a new mind, heart and spirit. To have a peace that passes understanding. To be there when everything is restored and to not face judgement for your own sin but His blood covering it. Not that life will just become easy. To be adopted into His kingdom and to become His son or daughter. To know Him through faith, hope and love through His Word, prayer and through the evidence of life. Sin will still be at the door in our lives but to let Him redeem us from that. The only thing that seperates us from Him is ourselves. To know Him.
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02-16-2003 4:12 PM

You have to repent and receive Jesus Christ into your life for there to be a change in your life. You can bring all the archaeology to someone(They find more and more every year) but it really has to do with the heart. God is not flesh. He is spirit. To have a new life and His grace, mercy, peace and love you have to come to Him. He does not work the way you want Him to. We have all sinned so were all under judgement but the Son of God bore our sin at the cross. So it will be you or I or anyone to make the choice to humble ourselves before the creator of the universe. Jesus said a wicked and perverse generation look for a sign. Were all dead in sin, only He brings life because He died and rose from the dead to bring life. There is enough "evidence" in life that were without excuse. To have a new heart, mind and a peace that passes human understanding. Let us be wise and realize were broken before the living God. Its all about His grace. There has been no righteous or holy person that ever existed, except Jesus Christ. By grace through faith and repenting of the vain wicked things of this world. Of course if anyone does receive Him there is still the temptation to sin, but He can free us. To know Him through His word, prayer and just trusting Him.
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02-17-2003 9:00 PM

Being a Christian is not a fire escape. Its knowing Him. The power of God is humility. Not the flesh of man that is pride and a materialistic power. The scripture speaks truth that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Well, God will not force you. God doesn't send men to hell we send ourselves. God is a God of love but He is a righteous and holy God as well.
As far as evidence. Here's a few.
1)Biblical and secualr chronology.
2)Prophecy(Things that were written before they took place.)
3)You look at most cultures have stories that sound like the creation account of Genesis but they have been changed.
4)The flood. What would happen with a flood? Billions of dead things buried under the earth. What do we see?
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