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Author Topic:   The Meaning Of The Trinity
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03-16-2007 8:34 PM
Reply to: Message 46 by Delta
03-16-2007 7:38 PM

Yes....the Torah...when it was written ... was there any Christians or Muslims in the world ? or was only tribes and kingdoms with many gods like Romans and Greeks ?!
it depends on what time you are talking about, the egyptians had one god before the jews did, not very long though, but still they did
The Jews were the only that had a single God, but even so...sometimes they worshiped minor gods like Baal
again it depends on what time period, plato believed in one god, many people believed all the gods were just like the trinity, seperate persons but of the same substence
by the way baal was a major god not a minor one, it was a title, they even called yahweh baal.
Because in new testament Jesus said many times : Father...Himself and the Holy Spirit....and not more
so because he didn't talk about them they didn't exist? does that mean that since he didn't talk about computers you are just imagening that you are using one?
You would not find more gods or entities to pray
it only means he believed in only god not that there aren't more gods
That's true..."man's understanding of God is imperfect"
yes it also means that the trinity could be wrong
You just can't figure the nature of God...just by reading the bible, you just can't understand
if i need some "spirit" to understand the bible so i can read the bible and believe in the god written about in the bible, you have lost already
Well, this issue "the conforter that will be send" is the main link to Muslims believe of Mohamed last prophet...which makes all of this more complex to understand...doesn't it ?!
only because you require a seeker to already believe before understanding the text, its a pure cop-out to require belief before you can understand something
why try to seek truth objectively if its not needed, but just faith?

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Member (Idle past 4225 days)
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03-16-2007 8:53 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by sidelined
01-13-2007 6:10 PM

have long wondered just what the notion of a trinity was supposed to explain if the common understanding requires that the three are one.
Its a belief based off cognitive dissense, look at the first part of the NT, it talks about jesus being the "son" of god, well we all are sons of god, hes special though, they thought he would lead people back to gods way and save them.
saddly the text is very ambigous
then we have john and pauls stuff, well the author of john went further and claimed jesus was the logos, translating it to word is wrong, logos may mean "word" but its not the same as we use it.
i really do think a lot of the problems stem from translations and misunderstanding rather than the trinity being true, jesus being called the son of god doesn't make him a superhero or something
i've read some of the arguments from the other side and all i can say is, even though jesus did say baptise people in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, that doesn't mean he is god, it says they are three beings, and jesus would be the middle man, people now say father,son, and holy spirit and ignore the authors wrote the to signify three beings
i've read most of the arguements, but in order for them to work you have to show that, thats how the people back then thought of it, but they didn't
to the writers of the sonoptics it always sounded like they believed jesus was a prophet and a special person chosen by god to show the way to god from sinful acts, he did say all of his acts were the product of god not him, if hes god why tell people he had nothing to do with it
this is true if jesus is god then he birthed himself and killed himself, and there would be no reason for him to shout "father why have you forsaken me?"
unless he isn't god on earth, and people have just made up some magical mythology that isn't even in the bible like original sin and the flood doing all the things we see
i'd like to know why jesus would care about being forsaken by god, if he is god, all i can think is its a pretty pagan belief and i have nothing aganst pagan beliefs but not with the hypocracy ffrom some people

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Member (Idle past 4225 days)
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From: Topeka,kansas
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03-18-2007 5:45 PM
Reply to: Message 57 by Phat
03-17-2007 11:49 AM

Re: Re-Trinity
The Trinity is, in my opinion, not a major theological issue.
I think it is an important theological issue, since its argued that the bible speaks of it, but people don't agree that it does
the trinity is just the same as many of the trigods the celts worshipped, but i've debated people who said it wasn't, the only argument they had was changing what they defined things as, the whole "three person, one substince" thing is just like the celtic trigods, but they tried to deny its true
but thats the reason most of the irish are christian, because the concept already existed for them, and it was an easy transion for them
In the depths of my soul, I believe that there is no doubt One God. Whether I make the "mistake" of worshiping Jesus (or the Holy Spirit in the Living Christ)or whether I am worshiping God through The Eucharist or even whether I am worshiping God while driving to work---I believe that the thoughts and intentions of my heart are what is important. All roads may not lead to God but God finds us down the road in which we live, IMB.
the point is phat, only christians seem to think that somehow the trinity means one god, when it really doesn't, the belief has no basis in the bible or even logic, without conflicting with itself.
i think what bothers me the most is, to be able to understand the concept i already have to believe it, at least thats what people say.
because i do not see evidence that the trinity exists in the bible, just that people misunderstood jesus and the authors of the text and translaters later hacked the text up

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