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Author Topic:   When were angels created?
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12-27-2002 1:26 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by David unfamous
12-26-2002 7:54 AM

Angels seem to be god's workers. But what's funny is that they can be viewed as "demi-gods," they are immortal(as far as I know), can test god's power(Satan) and have great mystical powers. If God is omnipotent and all powerfull why did he have angels perform so many things for him on earth? And what is the purpose of angels in a supposed Monothiestic religion?
If you look at the history of Judisim you see that Yahweh was one of two god's worshipped, the other being El. So while contemplating how many angels can dance on the head of pin, consider this.. Perhaps angels are other gods adopted by early jews but given lesser roles than the combined El/Yahweh figure.
This is interesting reading btw.
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12-31-2002 9:59 AM

Well since God/Allah was one of MANY gods it makes sense he had an army of angels. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." This plainly shows that there are other gods, The god of Moses (Yawheh) is making sure Moses and his people only worship him. If there were no other gods, only false gods then the commandment is worded very poorly. Plus there is still the whole El, Yahweh issue. El is the god of Jacob, who changed his name to IsraEL. Then there are the names of the Angles.. RaphaEL, IziEL, GaberiEL, ect. So obviously El was a Jewish god, as was Yahweh(Jehovah/YHWH). Yahweh was the god of Moses, basically there were two hebrew groups(northern and southern) who combined El and Yahweh to make one god. One God(or two as the case may be) of MANY gods. And thusly Angels WERE required to fight other gods. At least that would make sense to me, rather than some weird "God doesnt need angels, but wants angels cause he needs messangers, even though he really doesn't need messangers since he is the only God and he more than capable of doing anything he wants."

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