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Author Topic:   Will The Real God Please Stand Up?
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Message 350 of 364 (849547)
03-13-2019 11:59 PM
Reply to: Message 349 by LamarkNewAge
03-13-2019 11:45 PM

Re: Can somebody adjust the formatting? I can't read the text on page 24
Everything displays fine for me.
If you click on the graphic of message 348, it gets very large and will require horizontal scrolling to read (which is a pain). If you click on it again, the graphic size will be reduced and you shouldn't need any horizontal scrolling. At least, that's how it works for me.
If the graphic remains too large even if you click on it, something is working differently for you. Reply to this message and tell me if that is the case.
Firefox in Windows 7

Or something like that.

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