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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Problems of mind
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12-26-2002 1:33 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Gzus
12-22-2002 4:33 PM

Originally posted by Gzus:
Would the following description of the mind help or confuse?
for every second that we live, we exist and cease to exist an infinite number of times. for every infinitely small increment in time, we are a set of stimuli and an impulse. we do not 'know' that we have existed nor that we will exist, we can only be sure of the present. We are ever changing and therefore, the person that i was one second ago is dead, ceased to exist, life exists only in the present, whatever that is. Having established that, how can we claim consciousness?, it is impossible for us to experience the past or the future, and the reasoning of our conscious minds is time dependent.
What makes us different from a frame in a movie clip, each time being replaced by a new and equally doomed picture. The movie looks interesting but the individual clips are rather bland.

This reminds me of my favorite religon.

Last Thursday

Life, the Universe and Everything (Thanks DNA) including all of our memories was created last Thursday. If we seem to remember something from say, two weeks ago, it is only because ThursGod created that memory. We're not exactly sure what time everything was created last Thursday but we DO have a book here that reassures us that it WAS on Thursday. The Weekly Thurble (Sales Manager James version) states:
12:26:2002 And ThursGod said, "I just ate lunch, and it was good. I had better create everything before my shift ends at 5:00."
We're pretty sure everything was created somewhere between Lunch Time and 5:00. The only problems are, when does lunch start?
How long is lunch?
Is 5:00 in the AM or PM?
We can only be absolutely sure that everything was created between Wednesday and Friday.

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