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Author Topic:   Assuming the flood was real
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Message 39 of 52 (25547)
12-05-2002 8:07 AM

i don't know... i honestly don't know... i understand the ramifications, believe me... it might destroy my faith... it would at the very least cause me to do some very deep soul searching
I was genuinely interested in this - why would it damage your faith to learn that God used natural processes to create the first life?

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12-06-2002 7:59 AM

Except He didn't say that. He told the earth and the seas and the skies to bring forth animals and fish and birds, each according to their kinds. Each time, it then says "so God created..." - it seems to me that "the earth/sea/sky 'bringing forth'" is equated with God creating. Or, to put it another way, as I have said several times, abiogenesis and evolution are the outworking of God's creative activity. I don't see a requirement in these verses that each "kind" is "brought forth" in a particular manner, and I do see a hint of abiogenesis. I do see a powerful and poetic statement affirming God to be the creator of all things.
That's why I have no problem with either abiogenesis or evolution.
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