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Understanding through Discussion

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Message 7 of 120 (26001)
12-09-2002 1:48 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Jet
12-08-2002 12:55 PM

Originally posted by Jet:
OK all you Darwinian philosophers out there. Here is your chance to instruct Christians on how to behave as a "Proper Christian" so that they do not offend any pagans, heretics, agnostics, nihilists, satanists, or anti-theists. Have at it!

You and I both know that we don't need to look to anyone or anything else for our "rules of conduct". Our fearless leader *silly grin* pointed out the conduct of Jesus who when reviled, reviled not. There are also numerous passages exhorting us as believers to be gentle, kind, etc., etc.
The thing is, we don't get to judge those who don't believe by the same standards ... but they do get to judge us. Drat, eh? They know the standard ... and they expect us to live by it .... forgetting that we are human too. Don't lose heart ... do not weary in doing good and remember when we say we speak/act/live for God, EVERYTHING we do tells about God ... and we either tell a lie, or we tell the truth.
Sermonette over :-)
oh yeah, you don't HAVE to click the post button (this is the only medium in which we can really "think before we speak")

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12-10-2002 6:13 PM
Reply to: Message 25 by Quetzal
12-10-2002 1:16 AM

Originally posted by Quetzal:
I'll second forgiven's nomination of Chara - she has been invariably civil here. Only one question - she hasn't posted all that much - is she willing to devote the time necessary to keep up with the threads?
I read every new post, but I only respond to those that I feel that I might have something to add. I am limited both by my lack of knowledge in some areas, and by the fear that I might respond in an unChristlike manner. So, as to the willingness to devote the time, I'm already doing that - just very quietly.
It is an encouragement to know that others are willing to place their confidence in me as a moderator, but to be honest I don't believe that I have what it takes.

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 Message 25 by Quetzal, posted 12-10-2002 1:16 AM Quetzal has replied

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