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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Charismatic Chaos
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02-14-2020 6:00 PM
Reply to: Message 501 by Phat
02-14-2020 4:09 AM

Re: Modern Day Falling Out
Phat writes:
Judge for yourselves. is it staged? Fake? Are the people simply expecting something to happen and falling on their own?
Human psychology is a powerful thing. You can see the same thing in fake martial arts where teachers claiming to have qi power are able to knock over their students just by waving their hand in their general direction. You have to really wonder what is going through their mind, but I can't help but think that they believe it is real.
Even better, these same fake martial arts teachers have gone up against real fighters, and they had their butts seriously kicked. None of their techniques worked, at all. Why would someone let someone kick the crap out of them and embarrass them if they knew it was fake? They started out fooling their students, and in the process they fooled themselves.

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