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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   How do you know truth?
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Message 65 of 114 (27509)
12-20-2002 4:12 PM

to make it more simple,
there is nihilism or dogmatism.
I choose nihilism, it's more honest!

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12-20-2002 4:29 PM

It is not the case that Hitler was 'right' or 'wrong', because nihilistically speaking, there are no such things. That is not to say, go and do what Hitler did. Universally speaking Hitler's conduct is of no importance whatsoever, it is as significant as coffee or pluto. However, for practical purposes, it is commonly opted to accept the refution of human freedom intellectually and ignore it in our actions. There has arisen a kind of morality based on 'human specific' goals, wants, etc. But at the end of the day, we're no more important, free or 'special' than the rock or the tv.

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12-25-2002 2:34 PM

Does the answer lie in control?
If the ‘mental’ arises out of the physical, i.e. the brain, then can the ‘mental’ manipulate/control the physical? i.e. does it have the ability to make its choices manifest in the physical? if so, then where is the point of interaction? Does this not amount merely to supernatural intervention?
Which is in control, the ‘mental’ or the physical? Assuming that the mental is not merely an illusion.
If the physical is in control, and the mental is merely an anomaly of the physical, then there is no free will

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