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Author Topic:   God says this, and God says that
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Message 109 of 417 (26243)
12-10-2002 7:57 PM
Reply to: Message 99 by Brian
12-10-2002 10:36 AM

*I'm going to ignore the fact that I feel insulted here.*
Why would you feel insulted? This delusion you have is not really your fault.
I'm not deluded, though you may think so, maybe you are the one blind to the truth here. (just a suggestion) That's a pretty bold statement.
It takes a certain kind of person who believes through faith rather than empirical evidence.
It takes a certain type of person who is so gullible that they will ignore all contrary evidence to their beliefs.
It takes a certain kind of person who will never admit that the Bible is wrong about many things.
Emperical evidence seems shallow to me. We may both be able to look at an object and see it as red, but maybe that's only association maybe the color that I am seeing is blue, and the color you are seeing is yellow but we both know it as red, so we can agree that the object is red even though we are seeing different colors.
I don't ignore evidnce contrary to my beliefs, I've been accused of this before. It is evidence that I have for my beliefs that is being ignored and explained away. Miracle healings through prayer, (not gradual but immediate painless and complete healings), the way God has provided for my family in miraculous ways, in answer to prayer. These are just 2 pieces of evidence, but of course there is another explanation.
Let’s look a bit closer at this. *The blood of Jesus was shed for everyone.* Presumably his blood is to save all mankind from eternal torment in Hell. This is pretty illogical as it was Jesus’ mistakes (as creator) in the first place that condemns everyone to Hell. Maybe if God had created perfect humans then the first sin would not have happened, Jesus was pretty dumb.
Again you want to blame God for your sin. This again is a whole other discussion which I have been in at least once on this forum. God did not make the mistake, you did, I did, every single person ever to walk this planet made the mistakes. This is a "Goddidit" as that schraf would say. We were created perfect. We screwed it up. Not God. He did not condemn us to hell we did. So it's not illogical if you can take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming them on a God you don't want to believe in.
Now we are asked to believe that God requires that his Son (himself really) to be tortured and killed to wipe out the mistakes that God made in the first place! LOL, God requires that God be killed to make things right between God and his creation again. This is really an ignorant faith that has been responsible for untold suffering; Christianity has been an abomination on mankind since it was dreamed up.
Yes this God who loves us requires that his Son be tortured and killed. (his son actually). Again not God's mistake, Yours! Mine! Yes God being just requires that the penalty be paid for this crime. And he provides a way out.
Again I hear this Christianity did blah blah blah. Yes some men have done some horrible things in the name of Christianity, none of these things followed under the teaching of Jesus Christ, therefore were the actions of men not God. I don't see where caring for the sick the widowed the poor and the troubled is an abomination on mankind. I think the fact that these things exist is an abomination.
*..not just for drug addicts who want to trade up.*
So you admit then that it is similar to being a drug addict, thank you for confirming my theory.
*So you know my nature now do you?*
*Boy you're brilliant must be phsycic or something.*
Nope, just educated and experienced.
*That aside yes it USED to be my nature to be addicted to something.*
So I was correct then? Funky, you cannot change your nature, you can try to suppress certain parts of it, but if it is in you nature then it is in your nature.
*This is the incredible thing here!*
Yes it is incredible, that’s certainly one word for it.
*This being drunk on the Spirit I mentioned is not something I go out of my way to attain, it's not a high in the usual sense of the word.*
But it is still a high that you are obviously addicted to because it is in your nature, as you admit.
*It's just something that happens when you allow the Holy Spirit to dwell within you,*
You contradict yourself here, you say that you don’t go out of your way to get drunk on the Holy Spirit but then you also allow it to dwell within you. You appear not to go out of your way to AVOID it either! Your addictive nature again.
Are you a passive participant or can you reject the Holy Spirit’s intrusions into your life?
I did not say it is similar to being a drug addict. You decided that's what I said. Now you say I can't change my nature, you are absolutely correct. My Creator, he on the other hand can change my nature if I would allow him, CAN and Has. You can deny it till your blue in the face, but if you knew the old me then you would definately say my old nature is gone.
This peace that the Holy Spirit provides in my heart is not an addiction, it's just that, peace. A Peace that passes understanding. I have never had any chemical give me peace. I do not go searching for spiritual experiences the way a drug addict looks for a high. The peace of God is lasting unlike the addicts high.
The Holy Spirit is a great counsellor a helper, a com link with God not a drug. Sometimes his help causes a great elation of my spirit but this is not the reason I have invited him to dwell in my life. I can choose to reject his gentle urges, though it results in a wall between God and i. It severs communication until I repent.
God doesn't "need" a drug addict, but out of love like does not exist in man he will reconcile himself to this broken man. Oh praise the grace of the Lord! He will take and give him life, he will deliver him unto rightousness in his eyes. He will give him a meaningful work for all eternity. You may mock this but I give thanx to the Lord God Almighty.
. Holding onto belief in god in the obsessive way you have shown at this forum
Yes I will stand in the strength of the Lord in the way you have observed always. Though I may fall I will get up, will make myself right with God, and continue walking with him. And I will do this all the way to glory. "if God is for us who can stand against us"

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