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Author Topic:   Ritualised cannibalism
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12-18-2002 8:29 PM
Reply to: Message 8 by metatron
12-18-2002 7:39 PM

Originally posted by Metatron:
Its called the blood and body of christ, its then eaten that is cannibalism. The mystic sacrificial rites that accompany the ceremony are ritualistic hence ritualistic cannibalism.
The minute variations in wording from one sect to another have no relevance outside those sects, to an outsider its just another odd pagan practice.
I still dont see a difference between eating people to gain valour and eating people to gain the approval of a certain god.

you were told what it meant... it symbolizes Christ's body, broken for us, and his blood, shed for us, and is done in remembrance of him... of his sacrifice

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12-19-2002 7:43 PM
Reply to: Message 42 by metatron
12-19-2002 5:57 PM

Originally posted by Metatron:
We are going in circles the mystic writings that justify and explain the ceremony are irrelevent. The eating of the sacrement which is referred to as "blood and body of christ" is symbolic cannibalism.
Why is it eaten?
Why is it called "Blood and body"?.

you have been answered countless times... all you're doing is continuing to say that you either don't like or don't agree with the answer... once more, altho only a repeat of what others have told you
why? in remembrance of Christ
why 'blood and body'? his body, broken for us, his blood, shed for us... it is that simple

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 Message 42 by metatron, posted 12-19-2002 5:57 PM metatron has not replied

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