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Author Topic:   Ritualised cannibalism
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12-18-2002 8:09 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by metatron
12-18-2002 2:11 PM

Originally posted by Metatron:
South american headhunters believe that by eating the heart of a slain foe they gain his courage.
Some christian sects believe that by eating the blood and body of christ they gain his holiness.
I can't detect a difference.

Whether or not there IS a difference between these 'christian' sects and south american headhunters has nothing to do with the real Jesus of scripture: what he stood for, and what he taught.
"The John 6 passage is simply an instance of Jesus using a metaphor to illustrate a concept. This particular metaphor is repeated during the Last Supper (e.g. Lk 20:19-20), when it's clearer that it's a metaphor and not literal cannibalism. Had Jesus meant it literally (or had the disciples interpreted it literally), the Gospels would have recorded the disciples' cannibalization of Jesus after his death rather than his burial. Jesus often used metaphors that his listeners misunderstood and interpreted literally (see Jn 2:19-21, 11:11-15)."
(Cannibalism in the Bible)
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