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Author Topic:   Free will but how free really?
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06-16-2009 12:38 PM
Reply to: Message 67 by AshsZ
06-15-2009 8:23 PM

Maybe we, as humans, possess the ability to manipulate the chemistry within our brains by way of influencing the probability of how or when a particular reaction occurs within the brain.
For this to be the case, the "human" and the "brain" would need to be 2 seperate things. The brain is what makes a "particular reaction occur within" it.
There is no area of the brain that "stores" reactions where we can pick and choose from. Reactions are determined by sensory stimuli and repetition.
If the mind "exists" within that layer of probability, or quantum fluctuation, then there must exist a bi-directional flow of influence... i.e., your mind cannot know what the body is doing unless it is receiving information from the body about what the current state of the environment is.
You are ignoring the hundreds of functions that your brain activates that you are not conscious of. The environment is only a small portion of what helps the brain function during it's day to day activities. Eat a sandwich and your brain activates a bunch of bodily functions and you are never conscious of any of it.
I think a better way of saying it is that you, as in the "I" of the system, cannot be conscious of what the brain is doing other than what is being received and experience through it's sensory inputs.
the body influences the mind, which influences the body, which influences the mind, and so on and so forth.
The body has no means of influncing the very system that tells it what to do. The brain uses it's sensory system (ie. the body) to make decisions that will help the body survive - that's probabaly the most basic of functions. But the body and the mind are not 2 seperate things that function independently of one another.
To me free will is simply making a decision based on your own knowledge of the outcome. In that sense I feel we have "free will".
- Oni

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