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Author Topic:   Age Correlations and An Old Earth, Version 2 No 1
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08-26-2020 3:03 AM

Apparently, dating cave paintings is quite difficult; carbon dating requires the destruction of at least some of the painting and can give quite a range. Also many paintings use pigments that don't contain carbon.
Sometimes bones, fires and other signs of human habitation are found in the caves that can also be dated but you then have to assume that those inhabitants also made the paintings.
They also use uranium dating as sometimes calcite forms over or under the painting. (The beginnings of stalagmites). QI
Rock (Art) of Ages: Indonesian Cave Paintings Are 40,000 Years Old | Science| Smithsonian Magazine
Defining the age of a rock or cave painting | Resource | RSC Education

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06-03-2022 3:19 PM
Reply to: Message 567 by Rrhain
07-23-2017 4:24 PM

Re: that wasn't so hard now, was it?
Rrhain writes:
Now, the Catholic position is also that evolution explains the origin of the body but not the mind, but that's quibbling. The fact remains that the official position of one of the largest religious sects on the planet is that evolution is the only answer we have.
No, it's not a fact. The Catholic Church doesn't have an "official position" on evolution and it doesn't teach that "evolution is the only answer we have."

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06-04-2022 11:10 AM
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06-03-2022 3:19 PM

Re: that wasn't so hard now, was it?
You're replying to a message that is nearly five years old, and its author, Rrhain, last visited this site over three years ago.

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06-04-2022 5:05 PM
Reply to: Message 1488 by Percy
06-04-2022 11:10 AM

Re: that wasn't so hard now, was it?
And his reply is way wrong since the catholic church has had changing official doctrines on evolution forever. The latest, I guess, is not to his liking.

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 Message 1488 by Percy, posted 06-04-2022 11:10 AM Percy has seen this message but not replied

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