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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Age Correlations and An Old Earth, Version 2 No 1
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02-21-2010 4:21 PM
Reply to: Message 34 by Brad H
02-21-2010 4:55 AM

Re: special invitation just for Brad H ...
Hello Brad H.
...if in fact we could prove God, and know that He is, then we should accept whatever He tells us.
And therein lies the rub, no? Since, as yet, there is no way to prove God exists, it would logically follow that other avenues of explanation be explored in the meantime. But that's not what those of certain "faiths" do. Instead, at best they assume God exists, and at worst pretend God is a proven fact.
Thus, instead of exploring this exhaustive thread which carries within it all the truth needed to shrug off a majority of the PRATT garbage you just spewed, you wish to remain ignorant in light of the information staring you in the face, just like most other YECs. You do this for no other reason than to maintain this illusion that everything we see around us is either not as it seems, or has been contrived by a God intent on deceit on a universal scale. Last Thursdayism, indeed.
I urge you, Brad H, to at least attempt to read and mentally digest the information here, which is presented pretty much especially for people like you. Folks who may be very reasonable about most worldly things, the exception being any valid evidence which may serve to disprove certain dogmatic views of one religion or other.
I admit I was no YEC when I happened on the information here and on other parts of this forum. But actually looking at the evidence here and at links to other unbiased websites (not just swallowing half-truths and outright lies by questionable creationist websites, which regrettably is what seems to have happened to you, Brad H) has only served to add credibility to what I before only believed may have been true.
Open your mind, Brad H. Read a little, here. You sound like a well-read, intelligent person, just maybe a little deceived by the YEC con-artists. Look at the facts presented here as objectively as you can concerning the correlation of all the different lines of evidence available (it's presented here in one nice package) and then if you still contend that the YEC scenario is the hands-down winner...well. We'll cross that bridge later, yes?
Have a good one.

"My own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. J.B.S Haldane 1892-1964

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