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Author Topic:   Destruction of Pompei is 1631 year.
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01-16-2007 9:56 PM
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01-16-2007 4:38 PM

Re: Why do you believe this stuff?
Today there is all the bases even more to doubt of date offered in 18 century. Those facts, that I have resulted directly show, that date 79 year has no serious substantiations.
You're kidding, right? You claim in your last sentence above that there is no substantiation for an eruption of Vesuvius that buried a city named Pompeii, but in the same post provide such substantion:
79, 24th August-Mount Vesuvius erupts burying Pompeii to a depth of 5 to 6 metres and Herculaneum to a depth of 10 metres
1748-First systematic excavations at the hill then known merely as 'Civita' (later to be identified as Pompeii)
1763, 20th August-Inscription excavated proving that the buried town is Pompeii
Page not found | Faculty of Classics
I could not discern whether or not your claim that doubts surfaced in the 19th century regarding the date or the town's name because I do not speak French fluently (incidentally, do you speak French?), although I caught the drift of the article based on what little I have retained from high school. I am thinking based the sequence you provided that the link explores the possibility of the town not actually being named Pompeii which would mean absolutely nothing as it pertains to the documented eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79CE.
{ABE: I just read Percy's translation. Your link explores no such possibility and I am now thinking that you have a limited fluency in one or more of the Romance languages and pick out phrases or words from documents you do not understand to "support" your wild claim that Pompeii was not destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79CE. Thanks for the translation, Percy!}
To help your argument along, it would be a good idea to provide links to pages in English.
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