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Author Topic:   Evolution of Creationism
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10-17-2006 11:46 AM
Reply to: Message 10 by iano
10-17-2006 6:22 AM

Creationism evolving in response to...
Creationism is evolving.
Inspired perhaps, by the activities of its opposite number
Of course. Not many decades ago creationist denied that speciation happened. (based on how obvious it is that the bible's "kind" is refering to what we call species today).
Now a large fraction of the creationist community has backed away from that since speciation has been amply demonstrated. They even learned a lesson. They no longer define kind clearly enough to allow it to be ripped to pieces again.
Of course, as shown by posters here, there are many creationists who still haven't gotten the message and still deny speciation but the mainstream (depending on how you define that) has moved on because of scientific developments.
I don't expect it to evolve as drammatically in the next couple of decades. I think they are now backed deep into a corner. The only "out" left now seems to be to simply deny evidence. Any further retreat and their position is in shreds.

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