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Author Topic:   Evolution of Creationism
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10-24-2006 11:32 AM
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10-24-2006 4:20 AM

Re: Creationism evolving in response to...
If I remember correctly, while reading a book on latin american history (an introduction book, mind you), there was a specific comment made by the Inquisition in there. As I recall, the spanish inquisition said that only a fool would think that noone in spanish america believed that the solar system was heliocentric--in the late 1700s. They were saying this as a sort of self-congratulatory remark for having kept heretical thought outside of spanish america.
Now then, seeing as how they did actually manage to do this (very little in the ways of outside literature made it into thier colonies), and this veiwpoint was still being defended in the 1700s, and the heliocentricness was discovered in the 1500s, that gives us about 200 years of resistance to the heliocentric model. And that's a relatively minor point compared to the evolution issue for creationists (especially for the literalist--in this case, there is biblical evidence. in the geocentric, that is not directly mentioned in the bible, IIRC). Were only a little over a hundred years into this debate.
(keep in mind, this holds true so long as I remember that date of 1700s right--I don't have the book anymore to check up on that)

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