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Author Topic:   Is creationism winning in Turkey & Korea?
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06-17-2012 7:42 AM

I think every country with major Christian influence has made some attempt at creation science. Even in the more secular Netherlands there are still schools that teach orthodox creationism. Two of my cousins are enrolled in one. I looked into their books once. It has been a year, so I can't be sure, but I seem to remember it reffered to evolution as stating a bacteria > plant > animal order. At least it was very preachy and got facts wrong.
Also, before evolution was established, this type of teaching was mostly the norm, and to some extend it simply survives.
The USA may have made the most attempts to pass it off as science, or as ID, and there has been major courtroom warfare about it.
In the Netherlands special education schools(read: religious schools) were established as legal in 1917 in a notable deal with the opposition, which resulted in this and full voting rights for women. This has allowed these schools to pretty much teach about creationism what they please to some extent for almost 100 years now. Although religous parties have been dwindling throughout the decades, and someday a bold secular majority may decide to axe it, although only time will tell.
Not certain how well-known dutch politics are here, but it's mostly a jigsaw puzzle of many parties right now, including 3 Christian ones.

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