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Author Topic:   Is creationism winning in Turkey & Korea?
Andya Primanda
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05-28-2002 4:47 AM

Creationism is really an American phenomena, it spreads like McDonald's around the world. While Europe ignores it, it seems that in Asia it would gain a stronghold.
Turkish creationist personality Harun Yahya with his 'Science Research Foundation' has a strong network, backed by the network of Muslim organizations locally and internationally. They have been around for some time, and while creationism faces tough scientific infrastructure in the US, it certainly doesn't in Turkey or other Islamic countries. Therefore it may become bigger there. Take Indonesia for instance. After an Islamic publisher published Harun Yahya's 'Evolution Deceit', the atmosphere of creationism starts to build, and young Muslim activists are ready to confront local evolutionists (which are few here--too many laypeople) and hardly a month pass without another of Yahya's books turning up in bookstores.
Does anybody keep an eye over the non-Christian creationists such as Harun Yahya? From what I read, it seems that Pakistan is also getting into it, and also other countries.
Have they succeeded in putting creationism in class in Turkey? (I suspect they haven't; the secular goverment is still strong)
There is also the Korean creationists, however. I am not familiar with them (anybody got clue?) however their presence marks the far-reaching effect of creationism. (Maybe they are members of that Korean church, what do you call it,...)

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