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Author Topic:   Embarrassed Creationist
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12-12-2010 1:25 PM
Reply to: Message 51 by BarackZero
12-12-2010 1:12 PM

Re: really?
There is no need for atheists and biologists to explain the gaps in fossils
Omg we have not yet found every fossil there is to find and not every slight mutation that ever happened was preserved by fossils evolution must be WRONG. I am going to start believing in a magical fairy that has ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT IT right now
or DNA synthesis from basic chemicals
Um this happened before evolution took its course and there are models for this as well. Basically the same question for you would be where did god come from and provide evidence and a model please.
or the mechanisms of producing polypeptides with spaces of 10 to the 200th or 400th power.
again something before evolution took its course tough we do have rational explanations that do not include a magical being who loves you to make them.

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