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Author Topic:   Does Evolution Require Spreading The Word?
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06-08-2006 7:01 AM

I was homeschooled, so my textbooks were much different than probably most of yours. There was no evolutionary teaching in them at all, and I did graduate with a High School Diploma, not a GED. So I can honestly say, that you don't need to learn evolution to graduate here in America.
I am now 25, been out of school for a while, and it wasn't until I was on my own at 19 that I really started hearing more and more about evolution. Basically, people were saying that I was a brainwashed kid, held back from society, and that the religion in my home kept me from learning truth. Some of you probably would concur .
I also learned mathematics when I was homeschooled. Mathematics was required for me to learn to graduate. When I was on my own around age 19, I knew math better than most of my co-workers at all my various jobs. Nobody said to me "You were homeschooled, so you don't know crap about math". They didn't say, "Your religion must have been brainwashing you as far as math goes, 'cause that isn't right!" when I could add 16.55 plus 3.45 in my head (without using fingers and toes!),
(it's 20 by the way, and yes, much sarcasm involved in that sentence)
Anyway, my point is, this forum, and many other evolutionist minded folk throughout my life, have always been adamant about pleading their case. Many say it's fact, and has been proven. They are always persistent in letting you know what they believe. My question is, is it really necessary to promote it so much, if it's that written in stone. I mean, you already have it infiltrating the school system, why do you even need to debate about it, it's fact, isn't it? Is there some sort of "Go and tell" command that evolutionists must abide by, to make sure that their propaganda gets spread? Sort of reminiscent of the Christian's command to go and spread the Gospel.
I would like to see a debate arise about wether 10+10=20. That won't happen, know why? Because nobody needs to be told it. Everyone already knows it. You wouldn't see a mathematician going haywire on a forum, because someone said 10+10=30. He would dismiss them. Know why? Because there's no threat to his belief that 10+10=20, because that's set in stone.
Is it necessary to promote evolution? Why is it so critical people believe it? What happens to us if we don't believe it? Would evolution go extinct without promotion? If I die without ever believing evolution, how much worse off am I than if you die believing it? Would 10+10=30 if mathematics weren't promoted in school?
Anyone who believes evolution as fact, should never waste time answering these questions, because promotion of a fact is a waste of time. (Such as if I were to spend my life promoting 10+10=20). But, just so everyone knows where I stand, I will answer the quetions, and let you refute me .
Is it necessary to promote evolution? - Just as the Christian's are commanded to "Go and tell", evolutionists must keep their religion alive, by persuading people to see their point of view. That is why this forum will never die. (Until the Lord comes back, that is!)
Why is it so critical people believe it? - When someone is wrong, or doing something wrong, and they know it, it seems to be human nature to find others to take down with you. The more people you fool, the more you fool yourself. If evolution were fact, there would be as many debates on it as there is on 10+10 doesn't equal 20. (I hope there are no debates like that!)
What happens to us if we don't believe it? - Even you evolutionists may agree here! Absolutely NOTHING! We can get throught life just fine not believing it! And vice versa.
Would evolution go extinct without promotion? - Absolutely. Nobody believed evolution before it existed, and it would die out if it were taken out of schools and science.
If I die without ever believing evolution, how much worse off am I than if you die believing it? - Well, without God, our bodies just recycle into the ground, and we become part of the earth. Nothing happening after we die. Unless there's some new evolutionary thinking of what happens after we die that I didn't hear about. So the reason for such promotion of evolution can't be to save me from something terrible.
Would 10+10=30 if mathematics weren't promoted in school? - What a ridiculous notion! 10 and 10 is always going to be 20, and no matter what, a mathematical answer would never need promotion, to be a fact of life. FACT: 10+10=20...does that make it an...absolute?
Is It Science?

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06-08-2006 1:38 PM

Hi! Yeah, it's me again. You can take it or leave it as you see fit, but I was hoping some people who may not know me, may see more why I believe what I do, and hoping that I could see why they believe what they do. I was hoping that you could see that I wasn't trying to bring evidece to the table, because I don't know the evolutionist thinking around some of the points I brought up. And all my answers are based on what I believe just observing the people around me.
As far as the sarcasm, I wasn't aiming it at anyone. I was hoping it would keep the debate a bit more light hearted. I don't think that sarcasm is always negative, so to speak.
As far as your quote from me, I was trying to point out the reason for the existence of this website. All I'm saying, is that without evolutoinists wanting to promote their case, this website wouldn't even exist. So if it's so set in stone, as some believe, why even bother? That's the jist of it. As I said, I am a nag, and use as much "common sense" as I can, so that I don't have to waste all my time digging up evidence for what I believe. You can take it or leave it, put it in whatever category you want. But I will admit, that this is purely opinion, in the hopes of maybe others bringing their case to the table. If you have a problem with strictly opinion and sarcasm, then, there's a lot of that on this forum that needs attention.

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06-08-2006 7:53 PM

Wowzee Everyone!!! It's impossible for me to keep up! I'm not trying to throw you all into one big "lump reply", but I can't make a seperate response for each one of you, because I have work and a pregnant wife. But just so I don't assume anything, I want to see if I have some of your responses correct. Here goes, and remember, I'm not trying to be vague, I understand that this is touching on many seperate posts, so don't think I'm trying to say that each of you think this exactly like so.
1.It doesn't matter wether or not I believe in evolution. I can go along my everyday life, and you're fine with it. When I die, I'm no worse of than you, other than I didn't believe the "truth".
2.It is important to promote (teaching or defending could be ways of promoting) evolution, even though it doesn't matter if we believe it or not, because you want the public to be informed of something that really doesn't effect them greatly.
3.It's important to show people how wrong Creationists are, even though if they want to be a Creationist, then you're fine with it.
4.If creationists had their way, then much intellegence in the feild of science would be lost, so we have to close them out of it, in order to advance as humans.
I'm just gathering this from reading your comments. Like I said, I'm not trying to assume. But your comments did lead me to wonder a few things. Would the world around us still function as we know it, if Creationists had their way, and would we stop advancing in the field of science? How dependant is science on evolution? What is it, that we are trying to achieve, that we cannot achieve without evolution?

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