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Author Topic:   Does Evolution Require Spreading The Word?
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07-28-2006 5:26 PM
Reply to: Message 42 by Modulous
07-28-2006 3:34 PM

Re: It's not science, imo
As you are no doubt very aware this is standard debate format with some around here. Criticize papers and works they have never read and will never read because is is hard. As long as the ToE remains a vague, distant unknown it is easy to pick apart, heaven help us if we actually have to argue the truth.
With a high level of ignorance it is easy to label the whole system a belief, a religion. Once labelled as such any discussion about it becomes evangelical.
Also, I have composed a new topic to discuss landmark works in the ToE, but as it was your idea wanted to ask if it was okay before I post it.

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