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Author Topic:   Neutral Education
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05-12-2009 1:37 AM
Reply to: Message 24 by Indecision
05-07-2008 10:14 PM

There is no Neutral In Some Instances, Including Education
Indecision writes:
Personally I think both the creation story of the religous majority (of the city/town/province/district) and evolution should be taught at schools. However the creation story should be taught in a religion class and evolution should be taught in a science class. Also the unit on evolution as well as creation story should be optional and those not wanting to hear a specific side of the argument and should be able to opt out of the unit at any time. I also believe that these subjects should only be taught at a higher grade level when they can create their own intelligent opinion on the subject.
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Where do I start with what is wrong with this argument?
First, what is a 'religious majority' of the city/town/province/district. Obviously someone will have to make the decision on the scale of what constitutes the appropriate geographic entity. For example, I suppose the majority of the people in Utah would choose to teach the Mormon explanation, the people in Minnesota the Lutheran, and the people in Texas the Baptist (whatever that is, as they don't agree among themselves).
Would the people in Schliecher County around 100 miles south of where I am now be taught the wonders of polygamy, as that cult may actually constitute a plurality of the population in that unit. Should the people in Los Alamos County in New Mexico be taught the wonders of the natural sciences, while their neighbors in Santa Fe County are taught the wonders of crystal power, channeling, and screwing up any decent interpretation of American Indian religion, simply due to a plurality of woo-woo clowns that are often the target of Penn and Teller?
More important, should any given majority of some fanatical fundamentalist Protestant sect be allowed to curse and condemn to hell all mainstream Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics, Unitarians etc. and use taxpayer funds to foment their false 'religion' of hate and fear? (or their direct violation of the precepts of any major religion in presuming to speak for God?) Should the superiority of the Aryan race and holocaust denial be taught in northern Idaho, the stronghold of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian with forced taxpayer support essentially at the end of a gun barrel?
Second, should anyone be allowed to ditch classes they don't agree with? Should prospective nurses that disagree with science be allowed to treat patients according to any so-called holistic principles of the witch doctor or whatever form of voodoo they may choose simply because they don't know any better due to that self-regulated curriculum? Should a prospective voter be taught only the principles of whatever political persuasion may hold sway in this arbitrary district, be it racial supremacy, gay-bashing, the sanction of torture, or indeed even dominionism (aka Christian Nationalism) in opposition to basic civics and world history?
If you ask me, perhaps such people should come under the purview of child protective services as well as any educational establishment.
{ABE} What you suggest regarding education is known as the 'tyranny of the majority,' a concept that has been known since Socrates drank hemlock and which has been rejected by virtually all deep thinkers since that time. It is also a rejection of the concept of the social contract, the bedrock idea behind the US Constitution.
I have a suggestion. Think thoroughly about the consequences of what you post, this place is not forgiving when it comes to sloppy thinking.
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