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Author Topic:   Neutral Education
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01-10-2008 4:52 PM
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01-10-2008 1:17 PM

it was solely my choice; no one taught me about what religion is better, or that god does or doesn't exist. I just "grew up", learning math, morals, physical education, literature, world history, etc....
If your an atheists you should read a book written by one of the most notorious Atheists on the planet. It likely a must read by atheists to try to understand how one of the foremost atheists on the planet could recant atheism. He recanted because of the overwhelming evidence of Intelligent Design that proved to him that there is a God.
P.S. Notice how now the atheists are attacking him but he refuses to budge saying I may be old but its hard to manipulate him. He admits the book represents his opinion in spite of atheist insisting he did not write it, etc...
Here are som former atheistic evolutionists that recanted based off the scientific evidence becoming creationist.
Here's another atheistic evolutionist that recanted based on the Hydroplate theory becoming a Creationist. In the beginning is an incredible on line book. If you notice no atheistic evolutionists have come forth to disagree with Walt Brown's hydroplate theory.
Recorded Phone Debate
For anyone who disagrees with the hydroplate theory (explained in Part II of this book), the recorded phone debate is appropriated. Anyone, regardless of their scientific credentials, can engage Dr. Brown, provided they have read the theory. For details, see page 401.
The Center for Scientific Creation: Home of the Hydroplate Theory
There Is a God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind (Hardcover)
by Antony Flew
"My name is on the book and it represents exactly my opinions. I would not have a book issued in my name that I do not 100 percent agree with. I needed someone to do the actual writing because I'm 84 and that was Roy Varghese's role. The idea that someone manipulated me because I'm old is exactly wrong. I may be old but it is hard to manipulate me. This is my book and it represents my thinking."
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