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Author Topic:   Bring science to the Bible (Bring science to the Church)
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05-19-2006 5:35 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by mastertrell
05-18-2006 2:25 PM

i think you are looking at the problem from the wrong angle .. it is not the question of the bible being true or false , its the issue of peoples actions in the name of the bible ,
its the groups trying to imposse thier view , their "law" upon others , and who try to subvert infomation to trash other views .
currently science has no place in faith , it lacks the tools to deal with such matter , but would it not be a great hope that one day science could ??
If creationist wish to belive what they do that is thier right , BUT to demand those views be forced up others to the exculsion of other views is not right.
if you think it is nessary to teach biblical creation in state schools , it is only reasonable that all creationist views are also taught based on all religons , is it not ?
I MY ( i cannot speak for others) simple view of things to many people hold the bible to be the total word of god , it is clearly not , is is a work of human hands trying to pass on a mesage that the orginal writers belived was divinly inspired , and as sure is a treasure of the human expirence and a aid to faith ... if your faith comes only from the words printed in a book are you not making that book an idol to be worshiped ???

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