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Author Topic:   Why Only Creationism So Politicized?
Brad McFall
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07-06-2003 12:09 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by lpetrich
04-21-2003 12:39 PM

Ok lets generalize at least to the bias towards biological information. iPTERICH wrote -"Has anyone ever tried to find out why it is only creationism that is so grossly politicized?
Most other pseudosciences are not nearly as politicized.
One does not see astrologers demanding equal time for astrology in astronomy classes, despite the fact that large numbers of people seem to believe in astrology.
And one does not see supporters of various "alternative" medical therapes demanding equal time for their therapies and theories in class presentations on medicine.
Scientologists are not big on demanding that discussions of psychiatry give equal time to Scientology, for example.
It must be noted that the Christian Scientists are an exception; they had once tried to outlaw the teaching of the germ theory of disease in some places,"
So I leave onto this last indicated exemplar and begin going back up with the understanding that "alternative" medicine ALREADY has a legal history with respect to current western medicine and so NO politics (but that perhaps caused by "evolutionary" law) is needed nor need to KNOW but a problem even in this example remains. For instance, for years Becker has tried to get support for the body electric and the Chinese have treated 1,000s of tumor patients with electrolysis and yet this has not caught on in the west ( my guess is that Bohr's model did not begin but with respect to hydrogen but then I would be informing outside some bounds in this thread for material instance...)& when you asked "why only" I thought you meant why evolution is NOT politicized but I see you have not even this interest to which the thought of astrology in this case barely comes to my own mention but by way of analysis back as I am doing but I m not really sure I KNOW what you mean by polticized.
In my case than one would have to show that Cornell threw me out BECAUSE of this politization and yet I suspect it is more the case that elite institutions maintain their status ONLY by staying up with the pack that means that ANY whether religious, scientific, ligustic, behaviroal variants are not even joined with the advance that technology already provided students able to gain say the slower communications of the past in a more local area...thus I said that elite instutions RELY on LOCAL communications and priorty communications with other LOCAL (elite) instutions which puts the best biology on no other level than a Greek fraternity and yet the techonology allows distributed discussion and thus is against "evolution" only because evolution unlike other disciplies is primative in that Greek way which ONLY leaves "politiczation" much as the only way to change a fraternity is by force of another haze.

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 Message 1 by lpetrich, posted 04-21-2003 12:39 PM lpetrich has not replied

Brad McFall
Member (Idle past 4467 days)
Posts: 3428
From: Ithaca,NY, USA
Joined: 12-20-2001

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12-03-2003 10:53 AM
Reply to: Message 54 by Syamsu
12-03-2003 9:58 AM

a rare agreement once again
And it seems to have gotton this way by post-Communist Marxist cheapening of ANY FORCE that may bound evey or an all binding of some "natural kind"(Kripke)a small diffusive affect nonetheless between and ecological something and a 'speciational' ding an sich.
My Grandfather HAD a "eugenic" document that was apparently being circulated to establish such an OFFICE FOR THE STATE OF NY and yet the reason I fathered to illegit children seems more a matter of me being the the eugencist my grandfather never was than the aplogist for salamanders I always wanted the the topography of Catargus counTy to be not a state of nation or country of the seperation of Church and State as is still the public preception AND RECEPTION of any every or all same.

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 Message 54 by Syamsu, posted 12-03-2003 9:58 AM Syamsu has not replied

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