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Author Topic:   A Guide to Creationist Tactics
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01-26-2007 2:23 AM

Begging the Question/Petitio Principii
Where an assumption, usually precisely the one that is being argued, is disguised and sneaked into the premise, from which the conclusion is made.
I found an example of this at a website (http://www.whoisyourcreator.com/bigbangtheory.htm) where it was trying to disprove the 'Big Bang Theory'.
Nothing has ever come from nothing
By saying "has ever", it assumes the big bang never happened, in order to disprove the big bang!
That website also has a terrible tactic (an uncommon one, but very annoying) of PUTTING TEXT IN CAPITAL LETTERS AND RED TEXT, TO SOMEHOW ADD CREDENCE TO THE ARGUMENT!
By the way, EvoWiki has a great list of creationist fallacies: http://wiki.cotch.net/index.php/Category:Fallacies
And, because it's a wiki, you can edit in any examples that they missed or haven't got around to doing yet.
Edited by Doddy Curumehtar, : Added wiki link

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