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Author Topic:   No evolution/creation debate in Europe
William Rea
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12-23-2007 11:20 PM
Reply to: Message 32 by reiverix
12-23-2007 10:59 AM

Re: historical problems
The article is right, we certainly shouldn't be too smug about the problems the US is having with it's fundies because it is being exported very successfully to the UK. I see us having the same battles in the UK over the next ten years.
It's a situation that the local Government has turned a blind eye to because of the fiscal benefits of so called "Faith" schools and I also have suspicions that Blair has been less than candid about the extent of his religiosity.
Emmanuel College has a particularly interesting background. It has been partly funded by Vardy, a fundamentalist used car salesman (does that ring any alarm bells with you as well!). There is evidence that this school is making life very difficult for the secular and the less fundamentalist teachers.
The last I heard the same man was trying to "invest" in a third school in another economically disadvantaged part of the North East despite almost unanimous opposition from parents. It would seem that the fundies see these areas as a cheap way to gain a foothold in our education system.
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