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Author Topic:   No evolution/creation debate in Europe
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12-23-2007 10:59 AM
Reply to: Message 28 by Archer Opteryx
12-23-2007 4:21 AM

Re: historical problems
In support of your observations, here are a few BBC stories about creationism as an issue in UK education. The articles carry links that can take anyone further who wants to explore this.
h2g2 - Creationism in the UK - Edited Entry
Choice quote: 'British readers may be reading about Creationism and smugly thinking 'Only in America'. Well, don't be so sure.'
BBC NEWS | UK | Education | Creationism 'no place in schools'
This is shocking. When I was still in high school in the UK 25 years ago, this kind of stuff was unheard of.
So is the Creationism cancer slowly permeating throughout the globe? They have the time and money to spread their aganda. I'm disturbed by this.

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