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Author Topic:   Evolution is antithetical to racism
Archer Opteryx
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Message 52 of 238 (422942)
09-18-2007 9:06 PM
Reply to: Message 46 by Hyroglyphx
09-18-2007 6:35 PM

Can't blame Darwin for Ozymandias
Evolutionary 'principles' are responsible for 'Hitler, Marx, and Stalin'?
I can't believe you're repeating that lame canard, NJ. Tell your Sunday School teachers they need new material.
Megalomaniacs operate on megalomaniacal principles. Any ideology serves their purpose. No ideology at all works, too.
Megalomania existed long before any of our best known scientific theories, or even our best-known religions, were invented. Ozymandias, King of Kings. Everyone knows the drill. Hitler and Stalin are just the twentieth-century manifestations of a phenomenon that includes Napoleon, the Assyrian kings, and any number of emperors that have existed since human societies began.
Marx, whose name you mentioned alongside the other two, is a different matter. Marx was never a head of state. He was a man who saw the way workers were abused in industrialized societies and who got justifiably angry. His response was to invent a revenge fantasy--superficially resembling a philosophy-about the way this treatment would end. His ideas failed to meet the test of reality on a number of key points, as the world has learned through painful experience. His most basic mistake was to underestimate the ability of open societies to reform themselves.
There's a lot of history here (<---understatement) that defies glib chitchat to the effect of 'It all happened because.' But it's a history worth exploring and knowing. For residents of Taiwan, of course, these phenomena are of more than merely academic interest.
Are you really interested in understanding history? Or did those three names pop up just because you wanted to tar science as something evil and rounded up the usual villains to serve as a brush?
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All species are transitional.

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Archer Opteryx
Member (Idle past 3027 days)
Posts: 1811
From: East Asia
Joined: 08-16-2006

Message 173 of 238 (425395)
10-02-2007 6:59 AM
Reply to: Message 170 by CTD
10-02-2007 4:52 AM

In the Arena
The goalposts were moved, and Huxley managed to find the zone with his curveball
thus making a birdie as fundamentalism went to the penalty box for failing to return the serve.
Another slam dunk for Team Science!
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 Message 170 by CTD, posted 10-02-2007 4:52 AM CTD has not replied

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