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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Is science a religion?
Rawel Singh
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03-09-2006 12:26 PM

There is no conflict between science and divine
I really find it very surprising to see some people opposing everything that is connected with the divine. I have been studying this phenomenon for some time and have come to the view that there are basically two reasons for this. Firstly accepting that some thing has been done or assisted by divine dilutes the ego of man or woman.A hardworking person would attribute all success to his or her intelligence and hard work. Doubtless these are essential cotributors to success. But how often do we grieve when we do not achieve something or lose it? Have the husband and wife been successful on every attempt when they wanted to have a baby? Secondly belief in divine requires adherence to cetain ethical disciplines. Those who do not want to subject themselves to discipline deny the very existence or help of God.
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Rawel Singh
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03-17-2006 3:24 PM

Science, Creation and Evolution
In the discussions above a debate has been going between science and what is attributable to religion or divine. If we study the process of creation in the various scriptures it will be seen that the description has been getting more scientific as time has passed and later scriptures have been progressively getting nearer science; a number of statements are scientific. In fact the facts mentioned in the scriptures have been discovered by science much later. The problem lies in man taking the informetion from the scriptures for granted since we know it now. Take the case of life on various planets. Science has been exploring it for a long time and has found it only on the earth or the birds flying in the sky. This information was given by the Old Testament nearly 3500years ago as given in the Book of Genesis. The sequence of creation given therein is also scientific. God took six days for creation but the living cretures were created on the fifth and sixth day, man being the last. This shows a design in that before the creature came into being the wherewithal was made available. The details are similar in the Muslim scripture the Quran and the Sikh scripture Guru Granth. The latest religious scripture is that of the Sikhs. It contains the details of creation saying that everything was in a shell. The shell broke with a single command of God and the universe came into being. It was thus the for0 - runner of the BIg Bang Theory. The scrpture also says that after the initial creation, millions of streams evolved. The theory of Evolution was thus stated ceturies before the scientists propounded it. It is important to note that evolution as stated in the scripture or by Darwin requires a stsarting point and hence evolution is not exclusive but a suuccssor to creation. There is therefore no conflict between the two. The role of science is to study what exists in nature, interpret it and orgnize it as knowledge. He never claims that he knows it all. The Creator alone knows, whatever name one wants to give him. I have always maintained that the scientist is a great believer that knowlidge about nature will never br complete.
Further, information about the sun being at the center of the solar system was given by the scriptures a century before Galileo announced it in the 16th century. The same is true of the fact that the moon takes its light from the sun. These things seem so simple now but ask the scietists how long they took to come to the conclusions. There is thus no conflict betwen sciience and divine; if the scientist uses scriptural knoeledge for investigation he would be saving a lot of time and effort.
The process of evolution of religious beliefs has followed development of human intellect e.g, we have come from spirits to one God coming through beliefs in many deities, demigods and goddesses.
God Bless
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Rawel Singh
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Message 77 of 295 (296391)
03-17-2006 9:29 PM
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03-17-2006 5:35 PM

Re: Science, Creation and Evolution
This is not a laughing matter. The reason for restlessness of the human mind is because he does not acknowledge the Lord bu at the same time blames him when something goes wrong. Incidantly have you ever had the occasion to face a difficult situation like an accident or illness or death in the family? What did you say. Most people who would not otherwise acknowledge God may be heard saying "Why did God have to punish us".Let us please be serious.
Coming back to the subject, please go through any of the things I have mentioned and form an honest opinion. You will certainly change your mind. And yes please go through Leviticus; you will both enjoy and benefit.
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