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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Is science a religion?
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05-10-2006 8:36 PM
Reply to: Message 105 by brianforbes
05-10-2006 6:14 PM

Re: I just know
Hi BrianForbes,
Welcome to EvC.
Its a nice bio-essay you wrote there and one with which I largely concur. As you will no doubt have noticed so far, the lay of the land here will tend to shout EVIDENCE at the merest sign of an assertion. And evidence is the currency here. What KIND of evidence you chose to present however, is happily up to you - although in the hard science thread, hard science-sounding is the norm. Most of all you will need to defend.
One warning which might not seem so apparent at first. EvC can be a bit of a war zone. And as in any warzone, snipers are always at work. to determine if this is the case, it may help to call up a list of recent posts from a poster you suspect is a sniper (click on their name and you'll get a list of their last response to a range of topics they have contributed to - all the way to THEIR first entry if you like!). Do a quick scan down that list of their last posts per topic (the number of the post is listed 4th column in from left) If you see nothing but one or two line, leg-chopping posts all the way down then your looking at a sniper. Best not to waste too much energy on them.
Like I said, welcome and enjoy.

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