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Author Topic:   Is science a religion?
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03-09-2006 1:02 PM
Reply to: Message 40 by Rawel Singh
03-09-2006 12:26 PM

Re: There is no conflict between science and divine
Rawel Singh
Secondly belief in divine requires adherence to cetain ethical disciplines. Those who do not want to subject themselves to discipline deny the very existence or help of God.
Care to step up to the plate and explain how you are more ethically disciplined than I am?
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03-15-2006 11:18 AM
Reply to: Message 46 by 2ice_baked_taters
03-14-2006 4:35 AM

Show me gravity. I wanna see it. Show me a picture.
Sorry but pictures are a result of electromagnetic force and cannot show any force much less gravity . Gravity can merely be extrapolated as a force who's effects we can demonstrate and define.
Take a walk to the edge of a 12 story bulding. Step off and feel the acceleration as you fall towards the pavement. That acceleration is the result of gravity. It is determined to be due to local effects imposed by the mass of the earth. It is a very weak force the weakest of the four fundamental forces.
Now as you step off the acceleration of the force of gravity has boosted your contact velocity in measurable way to 9.8 m/s/s after the first second. You are then traveling at (9.8 meters per second or around 32 feet per second for the metric impaired} after the second second you are now moving at 19.6 meters per second or 64 feet per sec.
Ater the third second you would be travelling at 29.4 meters per second{96 feet per second} however this in an unecessary calculation for you have now encountered the second of the four known forces that include electomagnetism.The electromagetic force constitutes that sudden stop you would feel if you were to be foolish enough to perform this particular experment.
The electromagnetic force is what gives you the abilty to move and think. It is ,in fact, the force by which your life hangs in the balance.All the biological processes within your body are attributable to this one force. Now perhaps you can show us what is meant by this "force of me" that is seperate from the electromagnetic and where you can provide evidence to show this force.
Since force is defined as Kg M/sec^2 it is any phenomena that produces an acceleration of a mass. It should be easy for you to show how your force is to be judged as seperate from the electromagnetic through evidence that can be tested by movement of a mass by this force.
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From: Edmonton Alberta Canada
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03-16-2006 2:42 PM
Reply to: Message 54 by 2ice_baked_taters
03-16-2006 11:17 AM

I just love how people say "electromagnetic force" It is soooo revealing.
I just love how certain people, rather than ask for a clarification, avoid the issue with trite phrases to allow themselves an indirect ad hominem and thus feel they have shown intelligent discourse.
So you believe in something. Gravity. This gravity you believe in is defined and demonstrated by another undefinable source of which the existance is only acknowleded by the evidence it leaves behind.the force of you.
It works just as well for rocks. Shall we therefore infer a "force of rock" into the discussion? I think not.
The force of gravity is not demonstrated by the effects that occur to you as a result of Newtons 3rd law interaction between the electromagnetic force within the atoms of the ground and the elctromagnetic force in the atoms of your body. Gravity acts to draw you towards the center of a mass and the model which explains this is far more involved however the force follows the definition I gave you before as Kg M/sec^2 and accelerates your mass towards its center. You also do the same thing in return to the earth {as per Newtons 3rd law}though the effect is negligible.
An interesting montra you all tend to fall into.
It prevents you from seeing my perspective.
Yet more avoidance of a rebuttal of any value. What prevents me from seeing your perspective is your inability to express if and how it manifests itself. I am not simply going to accept your position as though your word alone held any meaning. Can you produce evidence that backs up your contention or do you intend to simply ridicule any effort by others to explain their arguements to you?
Sorry.....Gives "who?" the ability to move and "think"? What is "you"?
What is think?
Finally a actual question to deal with. The who that apparently holds the uneviable position of typing on what I have been trained to believe is a keyboard {though you may ask what is a keyboard} in order to answer a query by an electronic transmission arriving upon something that is styled "a monitor" {again you may raise some question as to my sanity here} and attempt to answer question to a series of oddly repetitive symblols "I" "see"" upon the "monitor".
Think is the activity "I" assume is coming from the inside of "my skull" though "I" am probably delusional.
Now can the words on my screen respond with a sensible series of questions or shall I simply ignore the "source".
Once you step outside this frame of mind there is no conflict.
My perspective includes most of yours.
Yours must deny mine until proven.
I see. This is strangley similar to saying please drop your bullshit radar and accept what I say {who is "I"?} and therefore I will not have to think {what is "think"?} about your arguement and I will thereby answer all your questions. Dream on big guy.
That your perspective includes most of mine is uncertain since you refuse to atate what that perspective is.
I must deny yours until you give us reason to think there is anything to it. May you live in interesting times.

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 Message 54 by 2ice_baked_taters, posted 03-16-2006 11:17 AM 2ice_baked_taters has not replied

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