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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   How is the Universe here?
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11-08-2012 7:55 AM
Reply to: Message 85 by cavediver
11-09-2008 10:19 AM

Re: Back again, and let's first dispense with this nonsense...
and for them to feel pleasure at having learned something complex about the Universe.
There sure is. If you ever read this - thanks for everything you’ve done on this site cavediver. You're some teacher.
Oh, only a few billion times In a one-on-one, it is much more simple as you can gauge their ability to understand, and present accordingly.
The problem is that this always leads to them passing it on to others, and very quickly the message becomes hopelessly corrupted in the inevitable Chinese Whispers. That is why there are so many horrible misconceptions floating around that actually started with professionals. I guess I should only present this stuff on the condition that the audience promises never to repeat it Anway, presenting at EvC is much more difficult because you have so little feel as to where to pitch the material.
Purely personal, but i have to disagree. There is something about this site that works and I reckon the passing on has a lot to do with it.
Like the idea gets marched all the way down the line to a point where I can understand. Then when I finally do get it, the path back up is right there for me to follow.
And if one person makes a mistake, others point it out.
Tbh, i didn't understand most of the physics here, but still i'm spewing it got jacked. A golden resource lost.
Not into bashing, but what the jackers did here was defacing an antiquity.

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