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Author Topic:   Starlight and Time---question that must be answered
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Message 63 of 84 (27589)
12-21-2002 9:56 AM
Reply to: Message 62 by Brad McFall
12-12-2002 4:29 PM

Originally posted by Brad McFall:
I actually think it will come from software metrics coordinated with morphometrics but my reasoning here is as convoluted as I get and that often sounds less than perfect pitch to some so let me just start out with the requirement I make for myself that this 5th dimension needs to be visualizable and make that the goal of computers and biology with regard to physics. I do not know how vectors and tensors for invarints work in this "theory". Use of Catatstrophe Theory for assitance in data display may proove helpful.
The neat idea is that on Humphries position it can be claimed that Science gave Humanity a FLAT UNIVERSE and never leared from Colombus. It may be that only genetically engineered life will be able to travel around the universe (beyond the horizon and back) before We manage to understand by god of place that would be priveldged up to the time we do or NEVER DO understand this.

i'm bumping this cause the subject interests me and i hope those in the know will continue to post any new developments on both sides

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12-22-2002 7:22 PM
Reply to: Message 69 by Gzus
12-22-2002 6:41 PM

foundational empiricism... The constant belligerence of these foundational empiricist whatevers is a clear indication of the narrowmindedness of this debate. The attempt to validify of the foundationalist empiricism statement is comparable to an attempt to conclude that God is an egg by using the shape of the earth as evidence.
anyone can assert anything they wish while demeaning the thoughts of any number of people... are your arguments flawed, are they biased?

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 Message 69 by Gzus, posted 12-22-2002 6:41 PM Gzus has not replied

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