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Author Topic:   Starlight and Time---question that must be answered
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01-30-2002 5:03 PM

I'm still awating the book to arive....
Untill I get it, would anyone like to give or sell me some of their old reading material, John paul, or anyone else? Creationary or Evolutionary work.

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 Message 23 by nator, posted 01-31-2002 8:48 PM TrueCreation has replied

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Message 27 of 84 (3494)
02-05-2002 11:16 PM
Reply to: Message 23 by nator
01-31-2002 8:48 PM

"Why don't you go to a library? They let you borrow the books for free, you know
--Oh my goodness, you know what schrafinator, I think that whenever I need amazing wisdom and knowledge, I will have to come to you..
hehe (friendly, not sarcasm)
--I do have a couple books out, including Stephen Hawking a breif history of time, Marine Geology by Jon Erickson which I am in the midtst of reading, Plate Tectonics, and I have a nice little cosmological book for astronomy. I would just like the more bulkier kind of books you don't find in highschool libraries, even the Marine Geology book has never been checked out, I probably could keep it without them noticing I ever had it if it werent for computers.

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 Message 23 by nator, posted 01-31-2002 8:48 PM nator has not replied

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 Message 28 by joz, posted 02-06-2002 8:54 AM TrueCreation has not replied

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