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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Our perfect place in the heavens..
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Message 46 of 53 (37965)
04-25-2003 2:43 AM

The universe is a series of mathimatical equations. We still have math formuals to find. But the simplest of them could be used to solve it all. I don't think we'll be figuring this out for quite some time. Also If your going to talk about MegaHAL's, I suggest you check out and take a look around. One of my close friends helped out on this project. Yu is a conversational computer. When he asks you a question, ask that same question back and he'll give you the answer to it.

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 Message 47 by John, posted 04-25-2003 8:56 AM Cryptic has not replied

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04-25-2003 2:41 PM

Yes, I did mean that literally. And I am a girl. Math is an international and universal language.

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 Message 51 by crashfrog, posted 04-25-2003 2:58 PM Cryptic has not replied
 Message 52 by John, posted 04-25-2003 4:13 PM Cryptic has not replied

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