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Author Topic:   The Power/Reality Of Demons And Supernatural Evil.
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12-27-2003 5:29 AM
Reply to: Message 78 by Itachi Uchiha
12-26-2003 10:56 PM

This dreams are very symbolic. sometimes you know what it means ,have an idea of what it means or just simply have no clue at all. It can concern you, a loved one, or even someone who you do not know but they all have a message. When you dont understand your dreams there are people in the church that have the ability to interpret them. it can be the pastor or somebody else.
The problem with this is that too many people readily accept what these ‘interpreters’ say, they go to the interpreter with the intention of accepting what ever they say without analysing it. Why not just accept that you have had a dream and forget attaching all sorts of nonsense to it that really is nothing more than self fulfilling prophecies. We all dream, I have been to the doctor a few times for beta blockers because I suffer from horrendous nightmares now and then, I don’t go running off to the local church, what’s the point?
A few days ago one of these interpreters in my church had a dream with me where God showed her that a demon wanted to continue imparing my eyesight(i have eyesight problems sice birth) and that to stop this i had to fasten and pray for a day.
Have you fasted and prayed, do you still have the eye problems? It is hardly a major revelation is it?
When it comes to my personal experineces, the last one i had was a bit hard to explain. It was night time and i was in bedroom when i heard some noises from the first floor of the house. My parents an sister were sleeping so i went to check it out. Three demons dresed like muslims were staling in my house.
Dressed like Muslims? What on earth does that mean, the last Muslim I spoke to was wearing a jeans and a T-shirt. What were they dressed like?
When i went to confront them they took out some swords and tried to stab me. I was running all over the house looking for a weapon while i ran from them. I saw a bible at the dinner table and heard a voice in my heard that said "Gods Wordis our sword".
But God’s word is not a literal sword of course, maybe you need to research this. However, what has happened is essentially what you would expect to happen in this situation, ‘I am in danger, what can help, oh the Bible can, didn’t I read somewhere that the Word is a sword, and they have swords, ahhhhhhh’
You need to stop fooling yourself.
I took the bible and said the same thing aloud. the bible turned into a sword in my hand and the demos got even more pissed. I fought them while reciting some Bilble verses until i beat them. For this one dream the meaning was clear. I understood that I had to study his word more in oder to defend myself better in the physical and spiritual world.
Sounds like a bad trip to me, what had you been smoking that evening?
I know you guys will make fun of me it happened to me andI dont care.
I wouldn’t make fun of you, I do have serious concerns about your state of mind though.
I know people who have had more ineresting dreams than the ones i had but they are still spiritual experineces.
I would say that they are psychological experiences, dreams can be induced, you can also subconsciously participate in a few episodes of self hypnosis, you dream about what you want to and your experiences are all premeditated.
Many times we have moments when the presece of god invades us and we leave our physical bodies sleeping in our beds and our spirits walk around the house and when god gets us back in our body even though this happened during the whole night we feel physically like nothing happened and slept all night. This of course because our bob stayed resting
These experiences are not limited to the Xian faith, people have been doing this for centuries before Xianity was dreamed up.
so have a laugh i guess
No, not a laugh, filled with pity and sorrow, yes. It is heartbreaking that in this day and age grown adults are taking these ancient myths seriously. You, along with every other ‘born again’ really do need psychological help, and I say this not out of malice but out of live for my fellow humans. We all need to pull together and finally put the abomination of religion to bed once and for all, Xianity (and others) has ruined so many lives that we need to educate the younger generations that these myths belong on the same book shelf as the Grimm’s fairytales.
Take care.

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