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Author Topic:   The Power/Reality Of Demons And Supernatural Evil.
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12-21-2003 2:37 AM
Reply to: Message 46 by Silent H
11-30-2003 2:36 PM

thats cool
umm yea im new here looking for other like me who know how to control the energy as i call it , i am a person who has or has had every type of psychic ability and probobly some undiscovered ones im trying to increase thoses abilitys if anyone has advice in 5 years ill be traveling across the earth looking into various supernatural happenings if you have memorys from some kind of past life though i dont beleive in reicarnation or any reliegeon please tell me i have memorys of the past and im also called to pepole who are supernaturally involved if you have anything you could tell me please respond, by the way in reference to this i remember a memory where i didnt really need food there wasnt a need for it we somehow lived on another source of energy uhh... yea....you guys probobly dont get this alot so reply to me plz

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