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Author Topic:   The Power/Reality Of Demons And Supernatural Evil.
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Message 5 of 334 (68708)
11-23-2003 1:41 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Buzsaw
11-22-2003 9:15 PM

What a load of superstitious cr*p.
********** News just in ************
This is the 21st century not the 11th century.
Demon posession - LOL LOL
Next you shall be requesting we drill holes in their heads to let the 'evil spirits' out.

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Member (Idle past 3860 days)
Posts: 547
From: US
Joined: 11-15-2003

Message 37 of 334 (69357)
11-26-2003 8:09 AM
Reply to: Message 36 by sidelined
11-26-2003 7:17 AM

Because some misguided fools are still in the Dark Ages.
There was the case about 3 months ago in Chicago where the pastor (church worker?) sat on the 4 year old boy to 'cast' the demon out and the little boy died of suffocation.
This is ridiculous.
And I don't want to accuse, but I am going to anyway, it is the fault of fringe churches. It is your idiot, fringe, Baptists, Pentecostalists etc. that really believe all this crap. The mainstream Christian churches left this mumbo jumbo behind 100-150 years ago but the fundamentalist nutcases (and show me one who isn't) still rabidly believe the demon nonsense.
I know freedom of religion is one thing, but murdering a child is another.

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 Message 36 by sidelined, posted 11-26-2003 7:17 AM sidelined has not replied

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