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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Do animals have souls?
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03-12-2006 6:29 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Yaro
10-15-2003 5:02 PM

Good Discussion
Until just now, I had believed that animals did not matter, that their existance was unimportant, and insignificant to that of man. But I just read a verse in Genesis that made me think a little bit differently. I think that animals provide essential actions for the planet to WORK.
Algae-like protista, and algae produce 60% of the earth's oxygen.
Decomposer's roles
Larger Animals serve as a food source for us?
Can anyone shed some light on the subject of animals and their relationship to us?
Previously I have thought that everything was made for us, while I hold that this is still true, I now believe that a deep level of respect must be had for all life, for our earth, and for our universe.
EDIT: I do think though, that having house pets is almost childish, and sort of strange. My family had a fish hand me down, my sister didn't feed it, and it died. It was nasty though, a japanese fighter fish or something.
Why do you guys (those who own pets) like having pets, is there a particular function, or just for enjoyment? Just wondering.
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