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Author Topic:   Do animals have souls?
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10-15-2003 5:02 PM

This is a bit of a spin off topic from the himan animal thread. I found this an interesting Idea because I myself have pondered it from time to time. Do animals have souls, or rather, the emotional compassionate capacity that we humans call 'soul'.
Case in point. A while back I saw a news article about this abandoned kitten on television. The kitten had taken up residence in this guys back yard, and the guy took notice of it when this black bird came down one day and brought the little kitty food.
The guy found it unusuall so he started videotaping it. Eventually he cronicled something quite amazing, the black bird was actually takeing care of the kitten! He would play with the cat, bring the cat food, groom it, and rest near by when the kitty sleped.
When the man would aproach the cat the black bird would get mad and posture agressively. Eventually the fellow took the cat into his care, and the black bird still came by periodicaly and playd around with the cat.
Now, were these two 'friends'?
On a more persenall note, at one point in time I had four rottweilers. Very sweet dogs, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Anyway, two of them were bassically husband and wife
One da I saw them laying next to each other as they allways do. And as tenderly as ever I saw the male put his paw on the girls. To be rewarded with a lick.
Now. I may not speak dog, cat, or bird. But I think I can recognize compassion, friendship, kindness, emotion, etc. When I see it.
So, if these are the traits assosiated with the soul, then shoulden't animals have a soul as well?

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